Extension Entomology faculty are primarily responsible for service/outreach activities, but all faculty and students are involved in presentations about colorful, nuisance, or other, insects and arthropods at BREC educational programs, AgMagic, public and private schools, and senior citizens programs, among others.


The department provides major service programs to serve various clientele.  The Louisiana Distance Diagnostic Network (http://www.dddi.org/lsu/) provides insect identification service through Extension offices.  Identification service is provided to the general public through the departmental web site (http://www.lsu.edu/departments/entomology/contactus.shtml).  Specimens also are sent to the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum and to specialists in the department from federal and state agencies, as well as Extension Agents, physicians, veterinarians, and the general public.  Several hundred identifications are provided each year, including new records of occurrence in Louisiana.  This service is critical to providing early detection and distribution of new invasive species.


The Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) provides workshops state-wide to train and certify pesticide users.  Certification through this program is required by the state for all pesticide applicators.


The department sponsors various workshops and community meetings that address pest identification and/or pest management to pest managers, consultants and the general public.  For example, the Summer Institute, offered annually, provides certification credit to Pest Management Professionals around the state.  An Ant Academy is being offered to train participants in identification of the 120 species of ants in Louisiana, including pest management targets, such as the red imported fire ant, Argentine ant, crazy ant, and leaf-cutter ant.  Community meetings are being held regularly in New Orleans and Toledo Bend and other communities to update citizens on progress in Formosan subterranean termite, red imported fire ant, Argentine ant, and mosquito control programs.





Our extension entomologists provide a wealth of information in the format of presentations, videos, fact sheets, and other forms of media.  For some insect specific information, you can visit some of the following pages:





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LSU AgCenter Extension Information:  Here you will find detailed information on various insects.  The extension page will also have other detailed information for the public, such as plants, soil, and water related questions.

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